Vzy is Open

Vzy is built in public, transparently sharing UX designs growth metrics, costs, and product tips.

Project Scope

Vzy offers very easy no-code tools and design assets for makers by Evans Akanno

500+ Premium SVG icons for web projects. Preorder at $15.

You can tweet @evansakanno or send me an email.

Monthly recurring revenue (MRR)

~$130 from 8 customers. (ARR $1380)

MRR is the total monthly earnings from all active subscriptions at that time. If the total annual subscription is $1,200 then MRR is $100.

Monthly recurring costs (MRC)

~$69.44 (ARC $833.28)

Getvzy.com was purchased at $10 while vzy.co was listed as premium at $510 from Namecheap.

Website, email and apps runs on DigitalOcean (ref link). Above is an estimate for the last 30 days.

Vzy uses Sendy (self hosted) for email newsletters sent via Amazon SES.

Vzy primary email hey@ is on Namecheap and connected to my email which runs on Gsuite.

Vzy.co Pageviews

Over the past month, Vzy had 1,282 pageviews (GA report). Currently, building public analytics on stats.vzy.co

Tech Stack

All the tech and no-code tools used on the Vzy project

This website is currently built on WordPress / Elementor.

Vzy Icons is currently sold on Gumroad (ref link) 

Email newsletters are sent via Sendy which is hosted on DigitalOcean (ref link)

More Info?

Tweet @evansakanno or send me an email.