Vzy is coming

Create websites
easily on mobile

Website design in your pocket

Most professional websites that excite and retain customers are expensive to create, takes a while, and require technical expertise or a team to manage.

56% of website visitors are mobile. 
72.6% of internet users will only use mobile by 2025.
79% of people will revisit a site that is easy to use.

Ironically, the current website builders allow designers create on desktops first, then optimise for mobile devices. We are rethinking this by building mobile-first, ensuring it’s simple and intuitive for everyone.

Imagine creating multiple websites + pages from one account, Templates, Payments, Subscribe / Enquiry forms, Analytics, Vzy Icons, Dark mode, Style Guide, Code Export, and more… This will empower small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers and agencies.

Vzy will be available in January 2022
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